The Stones will Cry Out


But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if they become silent, the stones will cry out!

As most of us who run in circles of mission work have heard, there is great need for prayer and mission work in the 10/40 Window.  This is the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude containing enormous amounts of people who have never heard the gospel.  Many things keep them from hearing such as location, anti-Christian religion, law, oppression, etc.  These are people who range from the nomads to the wealthy, the young and old.  They are part of large systems of belief which hinder the spread of the gospel, sometimes by their own culture of religion (e.g. folklore, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.), sometimes by oppressive political systems and sometimes by war and bloodshed.  In any case, it is an all-out war between the rulers of darkness and the Lord of the Heavens.  The 10/40 window is a spiritual blockade, pushing against the Gospel and keeping its inhabitants in darkness.

The vision in Luke 19:30-40 is powerful and profound.  Jesus has secured a donkey to go into Jerusalem, and as He headed toward the city, the crowd was overjoyed. It says, “When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”  Well this didn’t sit well with the Pharisees, and they were insulted that the king who comes in the name of the Lord would come seated on a donkey.  They turned to Christ and asked him to quiet the crowd.  Instead, Jesus pointed out that even if He did quiet the crowd then the stones would cry out!

I am praying for friends in a nation of the 10/40 window who are working as missionaries, feeding the hungry, ministering to the poor.  Ethnic cleansing is beginning to occur in the region where they work, and my friends may be forced to leave or they will be killed.  As I was in prayer over them recently, it occurred to me that whatever the outcome, they have done well.  They have been obedient to God’s call on their lives and moved where He would have them work.  And whether they count it as loss or gain, God counts it all as gain.  And whether they go or are killed, we cannot deny the words of Christ that even the stones would cry out in their absence.

But these truths do not mean we mustn’t go, send others to go, pray or mobilize people under the commission of Christ.  After all, Jesus did not squelch the praises in His name and the joy surrounding His presence.  He simply stated a penetrating truth that even if He did quiet the crowd then His very creation would magnify and glorify Him!  Jesus was profoundly stating that God will accomplish His plan to redeem the world and bring glory and honor to His name whether man obediently participates or not.  Isn’t it incredible that even though He doesn’t need us to carry out His plan, that He chooses us be involved and allows us to participate?  How humbling to part of this great movement.

The oppressor of this world can push back the gospel from the 10/40 window only so long. He and his dominion can have spiritual stronghold for a time only allotted by God himself.  They are bound by scripture, and the end of the story tells us that they will one day be cast into the lake of fire for eternity.  While they give a false impression that they have control over these nations in the 10/40 window, we know they in fact are only biding their time.  They know the end of the story, too.  They know their time is limited.

So this knowledge calls us to a greater awareness of the world in which we live and the places where the Gospel is incredibly thwarted.  Our response is prayer, intentional and deliberate prayer.  And whether that prayer leads us to go, send or mobilize, it is still powerful and paramount to any action we might take to further an awareness of Christ and His Supremacy in the 10/40 window.  If you are not praying for these nations and these peoples, then you must start right away.  There is no greater need for prayer in the 10/40 window than now.

I’ve listed some resources below to help you get started.  These are just a couple, and while there are plenty more, I find these ministries to be consistent, dedicated and solid in their research.  If you are using other means to pray for the 10/40 window, please comment below.  I’d love to know what other people are doing to pray forth the Gospel to the darkest places of our world.

Beverly Peagues’ entire life is devoted to the 10/40 Window. There she does an incredible job to keep us all informed politically, religiously and prayerfully on the countries in the 10/40 Window. If you join her email list, you will receive a new country to pray for each day. You can also download a monthly calendar called the WIN Reporter which highlights two countries per day for prayer. The web address is  Click “subscribe” to join the mailing list.

There is also the Global Prayer Digest which you can purchase via subscription for $12/year. If you cannot subscribe they also publish the prayers online each day. GPD focuses on people groups in the 10/40 window. The focus for November is South Asia.

If you’d like to get your group interested in people groups, please download this 20-minute activity that a friend and I developed for our Perspectives classes. Though it was specifically created to help our adult students overcome the inhibition of doing a research paper as part of the course syllabus, I find that it’s also a great way to promote awareness and prayer in any venue.

I pray that God will expose you to new ways to pray for the nations of the 10/40 window. I encourage you to create cell groups in your church or school which will commit time each week to focus on nations and people groups in the 10/40 window. On that note, I am working on creating a curriculum of sorts to help people initialize prayer groups for the unreached, and will load it here when complete.

Grace, peace and thanksgiving to you and your household. May you be blessed as you walk obediently with our Lord Jesus Christ.

About Angela

I am married with two children and two dogs, and my hobbies are reading, writing and running. In my work with Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, I assist in the training and organization of a 15-week course offered in churches and schools, this course which exposes the movement of God through the ages and to come. I enjoy teaching about missions, speaking, and writing/sharing devotions, and am intensely interested in church planting. My goal is to use my God-given skills to help advance the Kingdom of Christ so that all nations would come to Him. View all posts by Angela

12 responses to “The Stones will Cry Out

  • Wayne Gaines-Founder/Director M300 Ministries

    Thank you Angela. For insight into others involved in the 10/40 window see Look for 30 Days Prayer, Pray Arabian Peninsula, Bangladesh -Suku and Ishan, Believer’s Ministry India, Alpha & Omega Ministries Pakistan, Awaz-e-haq, A Big Mission-Whole Asia, Sonship Ministries and others.
    I have 2000 pages of material from Philly Conference that may be helpful to you in putting together your material. It is small group church planting material in electronic format and free as long as given freely.
    Thank you for sharing this writing and for your faithful service.


  • Jeremy Wight

    Thank you for stewarding the influence you have been given by God to inform people of this great need. While we in the West bicker over fairly inconsequential things an entire generation is dying and going to Hell because of our indifference. Another INCREDIBLE organization is Gospel for Asia Please pray, give, and go as God calls you… the key in that is actually seeking and obeying what God calls you to. I whole heartedly reccomend the book “Revolution in World Missions” by KP Yohannan the founder of GFA. You can get that book free from the GFA website. Thank you again Angela!

    – @JeremyWight


    • angelamz40

      Jeremy, thank you for your devotion to the Kingdom and your heart for every ethne. Continue pressing on in your work, and may God bless you abundantly in all that you do! Blessings, Angela


  • angelamz40

    Thank you, Wayne. I will definitely check out the information on your ministry page. You are a blessing to me, friend!


  • Sheri Fraser

    God used your blog (emailed to my son) and the recommended resources to connect some dots for me. Your article arrived just after I finished reading through a Perspectives workbook. I picked the workbook up at last year’s homeschooling conference never having heard of Perspectives before. Now my heart is stirred with the ideas in this book, and I want to learn and do so much more in missions. I’ll be staying in touch and following your blog for information. Thanks, Angela. God bless you.


    • angelamz40

      Thank you, Sheri. I think you and I may know each other … CFC speech/debate? I am happy that the Perspectives book has been such a meaningful inspiration for you. It continues to pass the test of time with its singular message to demonstrate and share God’s love with the nations. If ever you think you’d like to help get a course going in your congregation or town, don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be a joy and privilege to serve the Kingdom this way once again! Grace and peace to you and your family! -Angela


  • angelamz40

    Here’s another great resource:
    Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula:


    • Sheri Fraser

      Yes, we met at CFC years ago! I remember all the beautiful knitting projects you were accomplishing.

      D. Lockman recently shared the good news that a Perspectives Course will be in our area soon! This is truly an answer to my prayers.

      Thank you for the Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula link. It is very helpful as I pray for a friend.


  • Jennifer Hudson Taylor

    Great insight. God does need His people to pray for each other and for the work He wants to do in our world. It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily lives.


    • angelamz40

      Thanks for your note, Jennifer. Anything worth doing well requires a particular level of deliberate response. The adversary would have us forget about these places, but I am happy that there are resources available to us to help us remember. Intercession is such an important type of prayer. I’m praising God that we have people to create ways to help us intercede for those who need to experience and know His saving grace. May the Lord bless you as you remember.


  • Melinda Lancaster

    It has always been my heart to go to the mission field. Physical difficults prevent me from doing so at this time.
    Thank you for the wonderful post that brings the urgency of the need to me–one more time.
    My prayers continue for those in the 10/40 window along with others all around the world.


    • angelamz40

      Melinda, the more I know you the more I realize how humbled I am by your heart and your service. Why do some have such strong desire to GO but must stay? I ask that question every day. My only purest answer is that as much as there is an enormous need for field workers, there is also an equal need for people who will pray for the field workers. May our doors of prayer be cast open. May we be inspired by people from every tongue, tribe and nation who need to hear the Gospel and pray that they receive that opportunity. You and me, sister, and all those we can gather into this conquest. God bless you as you remain faithful to pray the multitudes into Heaven!


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