Do You Love Me?

I am reminded this week of Christ’s words to Peter just before He left him for the last time. “Do you love me?” He asked. It seemed almost rhetorical. “Yes,” Peter said. I’m sure Peter didn’t expect Jesus to ask again, and again. And the third time totally and completely touched this man’s heart to the very core. It riveted him.  One can nearly feel the emotional weight of the question–of Peter’s grief that although he sinned, this God-man was willing to reinstate the love and sow into Peter’s heart the seeds of mercy and forgiveness.

It’s the same question He asks of us over and over again. These challenges in our lives are not without purpose; not without reason; not without response. They are set in place so that we will be frustrated by them and find our broken hearts at a crossroad. Then He reinstates us with His simple, but profound words.

“Do you love me?” He asks.

It is rhetorical. Christ knows the answer. He wants us to know it and to own it. He wants our hearts to be His.

“Yes Jesus, I do. Please show me how to love you better.”

My answer is humble and simple, but in it bears the weight of responsibility.  It’s time to feed the sheep.


5 responses to “Do You Love Me?

  • Wayne Gaines-Founder/Director M300 Ministries

    It is as you have been led to clearly state. He wants for us to KNOW His love and faithfulness and indeed He desires that we hear His voice and do all that He ask of us. This is pleasant and pleasing to Him. Thank you for sharing your heart and your leading with us all.


  • Jeremy Wight

    Angela –

    Thank you for sharing your heart! So much responsibility is attached to that small word Love.



  • Joseph Louthan

    I read that passage in John 21 what seemed like over and over again.

    Then God delivered unto me, “Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea For Preaching”.

    My heart has been wonderfully pressed by God ever since.

    “You have loved me first and did EVERYTHING to bring me back to you. How can I love you and how can I love your Bride like you do?”


    • angelamz40

      Yes, oh yes. It is a penetrating message. Interesting to me that so many people discount this as Jesus’ call to just Peter after he betrayed Him. How many times have we betrayed our LORD whether in thought or deed? I’m reading “A Christmas Carol” right now and one of the more resonating quotes is: “The common welfare was my business,” cries Marley’s Ghost; “charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence were all my business.”


  • hmphz

    thanks for your blog.


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