5k Inspiration

One of my goals before my next birthday is to run a 5k. Honestly, I don’t much like running, but I’ve always been intrigued by it and I do like how it makes me feel when I’m finished. So I’m torn every day between the going and the staying. There’s always plenty of work here for me to do and I can always use that hour to delete something from my task list (or add a couple more). But I have a goal, and October 16th’s 5k is quickly approaching.

On my ride to the gym today I was thinking of these numerous deadlines, trying to sort out which ones can slide for a couple of days while I accomplish the more pressing ones. It’s a constant juggling act. And as I was just considering taking the next exit to ditch the workout and head home to my computer, a bug flew in my car window and landed on my steering wheel. It took him a moment to get his footing, and just as I was about to shew him back from where he came, he was off and running the full circumference of the wheel like a true athlete! I laughed out loud, and half expected him to tuker out and fly away. Amazed, I watched him take another full run around my steering wheel and then another! He didn’t waver, and he didn’t let the cruise control button distract him, he just ran his little heart out. He finished his little 5k at the top of the steering wheel, turned toward me and flexed his wings. I respectfully congratulated him. He slowly walked half distance around the steering wheel again and landed at the bottom, as if to say, “I’m staying here  until you get to the gym. We’ll ride this out together.”

I parked the car and quickly got a snapshot of him before he flew away. It’s my inspiration for the day. Don’t you love his athletic colors? There’s untold beauty in that kind of resiliency.


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