Tomorrow begins 40 days until Easter. What a wonderful time to consider how we can strengthen our relationship with Christ who laid down His life for all mankind. As the message of Easter is made new again, pray that unbelievers would be touched by the Spirit of Christ and begin a new walk with Him. Pray for the weak to be strong, and the weary to be refreshed. Pray that new insights from the Word would invigorate our walk and give us light to shine for His Glory. Pray against temptation and for a new joy and purpose in our obedience. Pray for the sick and lowly ones, that their lives would not be marked with disease or illness but joy and peace. And pray with a grateful heart for all that He’s given us so that we can know Him. It is truly His breath we breathe.

Use any Bible reading plan or devotional you like, but if you don’t have anything readily available, I’ve compiled a 40 day self-guided study that will take you right up to Palm Sunday.  Let’s journey these next 40 days with steadfast purpose and expect the best of God’s grace and mercy.


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