Cain Killed.

4-1113tm-vector2-3712True story: Cain killed Abel.  According to the Bible, it’s the first crime in the history of the world occurring in only the second generation of human life. A God-believing man killed another God-believing man. But Cain’s heart was not filled with love for God, instead it was filled with jealousy and greed (love for himself). As Cain saw the righteousness of Abel and the favor of God upon him, his jealousy overtook him. Although God told Cain how he can be righteous and receive the same favor, Cain decided on another way. He decided to play the part of God. He lifted the axe to his brother’s neck and watched in both delight and horror as Abel’s blood spilled over the land. He made that decision, not God. It was a hate crime, indeed. But it wasn’t hate against Abel, it was hate against God. It demonstrates the evil which reside in the hearts of men when they hate God.

It also demonstrates the fact that some (not all) humans can both believe in God and hate him. Why is it that humans kill other humans because they hate God? Albert Mohler’s commentary from Monday, June 13 explains that because man was created in the image of God, then man is the target when hate for God resides in the heart of a perpetrator. They cannot kill God so they attack His image, His creation. Of course, it’s not a conscious reasoning in the mind of the perpetrator. They can even murder as a twisted devotion to God.

Just as many are the reasons for murder is the survivor’s blame for a murderous heart. We can point fingers and blame ideologies, culture, law or bad parenting, just to name a few. And there may be room for blame, but the extremes are growing. The tweets run rampant as a blogger finds his notoriety in the blame game. But would we dare blame ourselves? Perhaps Abel was completely innocent, but could he have been culpable? Could he have been more compassionate with Cain and shown him stronger devotion to God? Could he have prayed with him and taught him deeper truths about God’s love? Or perhaps he was a most devoted brother yet still the object of murderous passion. Of course, we don’t know; the Bible never says what kind of relationship they had but I think it’s something worth considering, don’t you? Would we be so bold to reason that it’s not too much religious ideology that causes a murderous heart but instead, not enough belief in the one true God?

There is evil in this world, and the ultimate blame goes to satan himself. But be assured of this: One day there will be a world without evil. One day the murders will stop. And one day, mankind will be free from hate crimes against God’s creation. But until then, there is a call upon the Believer to demonstrate God’s supernatural love in ways that surpass hate, fear and blame.  True Believers of God love Him and His creation by sharing His unending truth and mercy with others at any cost. Evil is not an equal opposite to God’s goodness. His love abounds and exceeds all evil. Believers must start living according to that truth. It is our ultimate calling.


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